About Gumbanan Wilderness Retreat

Gumbanan Bush Camp has been a part of the Davey family for centuries. It has been an integral part of the Davey's family home for generations. Officially the campground has been open to the public since 2005. The current elders Frank and Maureen are integral parts of the Dampier Peninsular community and have enjoyed sharing their love and passion for their homeland with tourists and locals alike. We are working together renewing the campground to reflect it's surrounding beauty so it can grow and flourish for future generations. The Davey family members form an integral part of the bush camp and offer a cultural experience, knowledge and appreciation for the land like non other. One of the locations unmissable features is the large rock fish trap 'Mayoorr' which captures fish on the outgoing tide, it has been built and maintained by the family for over five generations, originally built by Franks Great Grandfather, Dino Davey.

The family are part of the Bardi Jawi People, known to be 'Salt Water People' and also world famous for their unique dancing. The Bardi Dancers are a traditional male dance group comprised of elders and future leaders of the Bardi people. They have performed nationally and internationally, including as pictured right, Frank's son, Moochoo Davey at Stonehenge.

They are keepers of traditional culture and stories, through song and dance. Their style is very distinctive as they perform with intricate totems depicting coastal life and traditional hunting practices, handed down orally and visually from generation to generation – a strong example of living culture in contemporary society. Bookings for performance are essential.

Bardi Translations

Ebony Tree 'birimbiri'
Mangoive White 'ngoorrngool'
Mistletoe Tree 'jarna'
Pandanus Palm 'iidool'
Vitiman C Tree 'madoorr'
Spear 'irrol'
Mudcrab 'ngarrangg'
Shell 'gaanyji'
Beach 'jaarla'
Campfire 'noorroo'
Damper making 'ngalarn'
(hot sand)

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